Drastic Ds Emulator Apk Latest Version Download

drastic ds emulator

Drastic Ds Emulator apk

There are number of games available in the market because of new smartphones releasing every year the gamers are also increasing day by day, so among those games Nintendo games are very popular and you don’t how crazy fans are for Nintendo, In the earlier these games were on PC’s but now they are available in many smartphones and other devices, in order support all these kind of games drastic ds emulator is the best suitable application which has lots of outstanding features and modifications.Before getting deep into the topic let me tell you that this application is not directly available to download on google play store, so you need to download it from the trusted 3rd party applications and here i will make it easy by putting the download url, so if you want to download this application then just simply click here “drastic apk”

So that was about the drastic apk now let us know about some features

Features Of Drastic Ds Emulator apk

  • The main feature of this drastic emulator is to improve the graphic quality of the game so that you can play high graphic Nintendo games for free.
  • The next one in the list is screen customisation which is amazing, what it actually does is it allows the user to customize the users screen according to their availability and compatibility and it doesn’t take  much more time to setup as it is easy to understand.
  • Next feature is you have an option to save your gameplay on SD card or online google drive so that you can resume it when ever you wish to.
  • You can play the games outstandingly simply like a pro because of those cheat codes.
  • It has enhanced 3D graphics which intensifies the games with 2x times of resolution which is exactly double the times.
  • You can play games in both landscape and portrait modes, In addition to that you can increase the emulation of the app.
  • It supports the android version starting from Ginger bread(2.2.3) to Marshmallow and on the smartphones like samsung, Nexus,OnePlus devices.

So these were the features of this application, isn’t it cool?This application is available on both smartphones and PC’s .

Steps to Download On PC

Now i will tell you about how to download the application on your PC or Laptop.Follow the steps very carefully

  • Initially, you have to Download Bluestacks app which is nothing but an Android Emulator on your PC or Laptop.
  • Wait Until the emulator gets downloaded on your PC or laptop.
  • Then Install Bluestacks emulator on your PC or laptop.
  • Search for the drastic ds emulator apk in Bluestacks app or other option is you can Directly Download the apk from the link above.
  • Select the drastic ds emulator from the search list.
  • Download and Install the Application on your Laptop or PC. That’s it you are successfully installed, now you can use it on your PC.


I could say the drastic ds emulator is the most powerful ds Nintendo emulator compared to other available emulators. It has neat, simple and very user friendly user interface.It is undoubtedly the best without any issues and if you are not clear still then follow the video below you will get an idea about it.




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